The Wizarding World of Harry Potter through the Magic of Muggle Languages!

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Harry Potter in Asturian (and how Hagrid is unique in a language of 250,000 speakers)

The Asturian translation of Harry Potter is one of the rarest in the world. So what’s it like? And how is Hagrid’s accent translated?

A brief look at the revisions to Harry Potter in Italian

The Italian edition of Harry Potter underwent extensive revision in 2011. Preview the differences by comparing a text sample in this post!

“P for Prefect!” Molly Weasley gets in on the joke!

In English, “Prefect” and “Percy” both begin with “P.” So how is Fred’s tease treated in languages that don’t use the word “prefect”? In some cases, Molly gets in on the joke.

Harry Potter in the Classics: How Latin and Ancient Greek Captured a 20th Century Setting

Find out how the Latin and Ancient Greek translations of Harry Potter deal with modern technology, the wizarding world, and modern culture.

The Sphinx’s Riddle: Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Icelandic

The Sphinx’s riddle in Harry Potter and the Goblet of First is tough to translate. How’s it handled in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese?

The Spellman Spectrum: rating Harry Potter translations on a scale of literal (source-oriented) to gist (target-oriented) translation

An explanation of the Spellman Spectrum, a scale that quantitatively measures and compares translations of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. A high score on the scale indicates a target-oriented (gist) translation, while a low score on the scale indicates a source-oriented (literal) translation.

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