The Spellman Spectrum

The Spellman Spectrum measures the level of creativity and innovation in a translation. A low score on the scale indicates that a translation is true to the English original, while a high score suggests a translation that creates a new wizarding world of its own! Read here about how it works.

The scale is a work in progress and its algorithm is subject to revision over time. The percentage accompanying the score is the completeness of the rating for that particular translation (i.e., what percentage of variables have been evaluated). The most recent update to this page was on August 8, 2022.

Want a translation to be rated on the Spellman Spectrum? If you own a copy of that translation, contact me and we’ll make sure the translation is rated. Otherwise, feel free to place a request.

Albanian: Harry Potter dhe Guri Filozofal
Amik Kasoruho

71.7 (72.9% complete)

Azerbaijani: Harri Potter və fəlsəfə daşı
Fəxrəddin Ağazadə

41.8 (74.1% complete)

Bosnian: Harry Potter i Kamen Mudrosti
Mirjana Evtov

61.5 (74.1% complete)

Catalan: Harry Potter i la pedra filosofal
Laura Escorihuela Martínez

59.7 (86.3% complete)

Czech: Harry Potter a Kamen mudrců
Vladimir Medek

71.6 (86.3% complete)

Danish: Harry Potter og de Vises Sten
Hanna Lützen

78.4 (86.3% complete)

Dutch: Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen
Wiebe Buddingh’

89.5 (76.5% complete)

Esperanto: Hari Potter kaj la Ŝtono de la Saĝuloj
George Baker and Don Harlow

45.5 (86.3% complete)

Finnish: Harry Potter ja viisasten kivi
Jaana Kapari-Jatta

77.0 (74.1% complete)

French: Harry Potter à l’école des sorciers
Jean-François Ménard

88.3 (87.5% complete)

Frisian: Harry Potter en de Stien fan ‘e Wizen
Jetske Bilker

86.8 (75.3% complete)

Galician: Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal
Marilar Aleixandre

25.7 (75.3% complete)

German: Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen
Klaus Fritz

58.2 (74.1% complete)

Hebrew: Harry Potter ha-Even haHochmīm (הארי פוטר ואבן החכמים)
Gili Bar-Hillel

66.5 (71.8% complete)

Hindi: Harry Potter aur Paras Patthar (हैरी पॉटर और पारस पत्थर)
Sudhir Dixit

50.7 (64.7% complete)

Icelandic: Harry Potter og viskusteinninn
Helga Haraldsdóttir

60.5 (72.9% complete)

Luxembourgish: Den Harry Potter an den Alchimistesteen
Florence Berg

79.0 (72.9% complete)

Low German: Harry Potter un de Wunnersteen
Hartmut Cyriacks and Peter Nissen

52.7 (83.8% complete)

Maori: Hare Pota me te Whatu Manapou
Leon Heketū Blake

90.7 (76.5% complete)

Norwegian: Harry Potter og de Vises Stein
Torstein Bugge Høverstad

90.4 (88.8% complete)

Occitan: Harry Potter e la pèira filosofau
Karina Richard Bòrdanava

69.5 (72.9% complete)

Polish: Harry Potter i Kamień Filozoficzny
Andrzej Polkowski

50.9 (87.8% complete)

Portuguese (Brazilian): Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal
Lia Wyler

56.2 (74.1% complete)

Portuguese (Lusitanian): Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal
Isabel Fraga

57.0 (74.1% complete)

Scots: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stane
Matthew Fitt

65.0 (77.6% complete)

Spanish: Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal
Alicia Dellepiane Rawson

21.7 (87.5% complete)

Romanian: Harry Potter şi piatra filozofală
Ioana Iepureanu

69.4 (74.1% complete)

Romanian: Harry Potter şi piatra filosofală
Florin Bacin

66.9 (74.1% complete)

Slovak: Harry Potter a Kameň mudrcov
Jana Petrikovičová

53.1 (71.1% complete)

Turkish: Harry Potter: Büyülü Taş
Mustafa Bayındır

36.4 (54.1% complete)

Turkish: Harry Potter ve Felsefe Taşı
Ülkü Tamer

66.0 (78.8% complete)

Uyghur: Kharri Pottir
Alimjan Azat

52.9 (78.8% complete)

Yiddish: Harry Potter un der filosofisher shteyn (הערי פּאָטער און דער פֿילאָסאָפֿישער שטיין)
Arun Schaechter Viswanath

65.3 (60.0% complete)

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