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Stay engaged and connect with the community! Join the email list, take part in Ask A Question, and connect on social media!

There are at least hundreds of people active online in discussing, collecting, and trading translations of Harry Potter. The total number of collectors worldwide probably numbers in the thousands.

One of the primary goals of Potter of Babble is to help foster this growing community and keep them engaged in active discussion! Here are four ways you can get more involved:

1. Join the Potter of Babble email list! – The list, meant to facilitate frequent email interaction via Google Groups, is moderated by Potter of Babble and includes occasional news on Harry Potter translation and updates about the website. It’s also a great resource for reaching out to the community with questions and requests, to let other collectors know if you have an extra copy of something, or simply to share the latest addition to your collection!

2. Use the Ask A Question feature – We’re testing out a public-facing feature that allows public discussion on Harry Potter translation, drawing from a larger pool of people who are casually visiting the website and may not be interested in committing to an email listserv. We’ll develop this into a more advanced feature if it turns out to be popular!

3. Connect on Instagram and Twitter – Instagram is an especially popular venue for connecting with Harry Potter collectors around the world!

4. Listen to the Dialogue Alley podcast and join their Patreon to request access to the Discord server – A great listen for your morning commute and a great way for instant communication with other collectors!

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